It's all about tekDuke
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It's all about tekDuke

This is Just a short announcement that I wanted to make. I had been trying to catch up with a constant race trying to maintain two personal blogs. One at tekDuke and other at I have finally decided to call it quits and use as the only blog that I'll maintain. I'll be adding a personal category soon and migrating all my old posts from to this category. I'd still maintain my domain and the emails associated [email protected] and a bunch of aliases that I use for various signups. So feel free to reach out to my existing emails if you prefer those.

Just as a reminder, If you're reaching me out about Work related queries (Discourse Consultation or otherwise) please reach out to [email protected] instead. You'll get a much faster reply and it helps me keep things organized for myself.

If you're leaving a note or want to talk about something that has been mentioned on this website, feel free to write to [email protected] or [email protected]

I won't bore you with more nonsense, so C'ya!