Newsletters, Comments & More...

Last few months had been really busy with work and some personal commitments. I didn't get much time to write another blog in a while. I have a few in process but nothing concrete enough to publish. Some of those are probably obsolete at this point since We've evolved into 2022 and We have new wave of OS and Software updates. I'm planning to revive a bunch of my old articles and update them for the latest versions.

I'm planning to start a newsletter as well to keep you all posted with the latest whereabouts and exclusive content. It is a free subscription and I promise to not spam your inbox with irrelevant content.

Another update on site is that now the subscribers of my newsletter can also post comments on all the new and old articles. It'll be a great opportunity for you all to let me know what needs to be updated along with your feedback on my existing content. You can also use the comments box to vent your frustration if you like, I won't Judge! Promise.

That's all for this quick update post. I am planning to publish some exciting new articles in the coming days to hopefully make up for my long absence.

Thanks for reading, Until next time!

Bhanu Sharma

Bhanu Sharma

I don't know what I'm doing!
New Delhi, India