Hi! I'm Bhanu, an avid tech enthusiast, Hobbyist Discourse consultant and home cook. I'm always excited to learn new things out of curiousity so I keep on exploring new things. I'm also a certified internet fixer tech wizard of the family.

You can find me on reddit u/itsbhanusharma & twitter @itsbhanusharma

I started tekduke in April '20 during the lockdown to give myself something to do while sitting idle at home. Now that things are operating in the new normal, I try to give it some time every month and churn out at least two blogs. As you can see, I'm not doing a very good job of writing new blogs for the last few months (basically, the entire 2021) due to various work and personal commitments. If you have ideas for me to research and write about or if you want to write a guest post on tekduke, be sure to send an email to [email protected] with subject line "Guest post for tekduke.com" we'll work something out.  

You might know me from discourse meta, I am fairly active there and a few other communities. I basically, love using discourse and always ready to help others get up & running with their first discourse based discussion platform. If you would like me to help you with discourse for a nominal fee, You can reach out to me on [email protected] for all other purposes, feel free to write to me on [email protected] I'm always happy to read and reply to your emails, Sometimes when I'm busy with other things, there may be a small delay in replies but I try to make sure to reply to all the emails at the earliest. feel free to talk about tech, bring something to my notice or sharing ideas for blogs.

tekDuke was started on 04/04/20 as a sidekick project, Now, as of 01/07/2021, tekduke.com is my de-facto blog. You may have reached here from itsbhanusharma.com which is now primarily used for emails.