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Last few months had been really busy with work and some personal commitments. I didn't get much time to write another blog in a while. I have a few in process but nothing

My humble home lab

The lock down and WFH (Work From Home) directives issued in 2020 taught us very clearly how important internet is in today's day and age. While I never felt a need or urge

I Over-Complicated my Home Network for fun

So, first and foremost, the characters involved: 1. Router: my trusty Mikrotik RB2011 - This is an old boy now, still performs better than any consumer routers and offers far more customizationthan your

One Year of TekDuke

> Well, Technically, 1 Year, 2 Months, 9 Days as of writing! So This was supposed to come out back in April. But, we're living in a pandemic world right now, Nothing about our

It's all about tekDuke

This is Just a short announcement that I wanted to make. I had been trying to catch up with a constant race trying to maintain two personal blogs. One at tekDuke and other