Its been a while

Its been a while

The last few months have been really messed up. This whole COVID situation has caused a lot of paranoia among the masses. People lost work, were separated from their close ones due to lock down, were stuck in foreign territories, suffering from various mental and psychological issues, we heard a lot of sad stories of people taking their own lives due to the fear & stigma of the ongoing pandemic. Stress, Anxiety and other mental health issues have seen probably an all time high. Even I've been insane at times, I've seen people close to me suffering a lot due to the ongoing pandemic, it also caused issues to me. In this article, I'd try to sum up the steps I took to keep myself motivated and help myself deal with the ongoing situation.

first & foremost, we need to understand that Prevention is better than Cure. It's better if we understand the fact that the best odds of survival are with those who are actively taking steps to prevent themselves from getting infected. Wearing a mask is a must, Self-sanitazitaion is crucial. The virus doesn't send an alert upon entering your body, Your own carelessness is the most significant reason that you may get infected with the dreaded novel corona virus. What we can do to prepare ourselves is to maintain personal hygeine, Use appropiate preventive measures at all times, Avoid public gathering and maintain social distancing.

Second, We have to admit the fact that we're only humans. We're only humans and we are prone to making mistakes, This is the very reason we need to be aware of the ongoing situations and correct our own mistakes. If you think you've had a lapse in the precautions or if you know someone who got infected had came in contact with you, first thing to do is to get tested. Most authorized medical facilities will allow a voluntary test if you report that you are suspected to have been in contact with a person who is covid infected. Don't back out of the testing, early identification of the condition can help prevent the spread from you to others, Most city administrations will ask you to home-quarantine yourself and get hospitalized into a covid care facility if you develop symptoms.

Third, Don't let the stigma grow on you. Understand the fact that the we as humans have seen and got over many such pandemics in past, Eventually, everything is going to be fine. You should think of the best and prepare yourself for the worst. Never assume anything, just fact-check it. Don't fall for rumors, don't believe unauthentic information and most important of all, Stay strong, The strength comes from within to get over the paranoia. It's important to adopt preventive measures and sanitary habits but it is equally as important to seek proper advice from an expert when you can't make out the situation. It is okay if you're getting uncomfortable with all the negative news coming in, Talk to the people, it helps to talk to a psychologist or counselor to help with the negative thought that keep growing in your head. It's better to seek help from the experts. If you see someone in paranoia or getting too anxious, it's nobel to advice them to consult an expert for help. You'll save their life. We never know where it will lead them to if they don't get proper help in time.

at last, Talk! Talk to your friends, family and others that you enjoy talking to. Talk about random things, make constructive discussions, listen to their side, say your own. The more you let the thoughts out, the better it helps offload the stress.

Disclaimer: This post is not a Medical advice, I'm not a Medical expert, I'm just a human being like you (unless you're one of those web crawlers here for indexing this post) and I learned most of this through personal experiences. Me and some of my close ones have had covid as their worst nightmare coming true, people I know were stuck in different states/countries for months before they could return home, there were people without job, and people suffering mental reprecussions due to the whole covid thing getting on their head. It needs to be established that we can only save ourself by using proper health advices as issued by the experts from time to time.